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Body Mind Soul Spirit work is a minimum of a weekends.
Hands on healing by the Hour
Shamanic or Soul work by the half or full day with Spirit work.


A practice of Integrative Medicine

After many years of exploring healing from many perspectives we have developed a method for approaching the mystery of healing by working in the four bodies; Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. A typical weekend or week session with a patient will include;

Gross Body:
  • For starters we need a diagnosis from the western medicine point of view. As a Physician practicing medicine for the past 30 year I will review the diagnosis and work up to the date. This will be the basis for the rest of the work.
  • We then review with the patient a simple understanding of the Physiology and Anatomy of the target organ, organs or systems? And the pathophysiology. Thus the patient starts (if they don't have it) to have an understanding of the illness that can be applied to the rest of the work.
Subtle Body or Energy Work:
  • We now integrate what we see or feel in the subtle energy body of the patient
  • What does it mean in relationship to the known illness of the patient?
  • We work in the energy field to modify or transmute the gross body at a cellular level. The relationship of the organ or organs to the chakra?
  • Is the matrix whole or do we need to rebuild it? As after surgery or other treatments.

  • What is the understanding of the illness from the patients' conscious perspective?
  • What resources does he or she have to start an exploration of the deeper layers of the illness as a journey?
  • We assist the patient to shift consciousness to a heart center perspective that will allow him or her to integrate the deeper and unconscious layers.
  • The psychodynamic of the illness;
  • Through the patient's dreams and imagery what is their unconscious telling about his or her journey.
The illness as a metaphor
  • Taking into account that there is no set roadmap for interpreting illness, we let the pathophysiology of the illness guide us.
  • Will help the patient integrate what we see in the subtle body to the roadmap
The shadow
  • Is the shadow expressing itself in the illness?
  • Which part of the self is carrying the illness?
  • The Patient's soul journey? From what I've seen and personally experienced the subtle body can tell us allot about the souls journey, its injuries and its patterns.
  • From the dreams; the soul's relationship to the "container", not only the body but the "life" the individual is living.
  • We will explore shamanic work. From my perspective shamanic soul retrieval is the best method for soul work. An help the patient to integrate this into his or her healing journey
  • Does the patient have a true and fulfilling relationship to the Divine (whatever "IT" may be for him or her). If they do, our job is to encourage and support this relationship through prayer and or ritual.
  • If they don't, the job is to provide a space through prayer, ritual and or imagery that will help the patient in establishing this relationship.
Body Mind Soul Spirit work requires minimum a weekend.
Hands on healing treatments by the hour.
Shamanic or Soul work by the half or full day including spirit work.